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Marco Lorenzo Valerio Tagliaferri, Alessandro Crippa, Simone Cocco, Marco De Michielis, Marco Fanciulli, Giorgio Ferrari, Enrico Prati

Modular Printed Circuit Boards for Broadband Characterization of Nanoelectronic Quantum Devices

IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement [IEEE], Volume: 65 Issue: 8 Pages: 1827-1835

D Rotta, A Vellei, G Mazzeo, M Belli, S Cocco, MLV Tagliaferri, A Crippa, E Prati, M Fanciulli

Spin-dependent recombination and single charge dynamics in silicon nanostructrures

The European Physical Journal Plus [Springer Berlin Heidelberg], Volume: 129 Issue: 6 Pages: 121

G Mazzeo, E Prati, M Belli, G Leti, S Cocco, M Fanciulli, Filippo Guagliardo, Giorgio Ferrari

Charge dynamics of a single donor coupled to a few-electron quantum dot in silicon

Applied Physics Letters [American Institute of Physics], Volume: 100 Issue: 21 Pages: 213107

Enrico Prati, Marco De Michielis, Matteo Belli, Simone Cocco, Marco Fanciulli, Dharmraj Kotekar-Patil, Matthias Ruoff, Dieter P Kern, David A Wharam, Jan Verduijn, Giuseppe C Tettamanzi, Sven Rogge, Benoit Roche, Romain Wacquez, Xavier Jehl, Maud Vinet, Marc Sanquer

Few electron limit of n-type metal oxide semiconductor single electron transistors

Nanotechnology [IOP Publishing], Volume: 23 Issue: 21 Pages: 215204

S Vangelista, R Mantovan, S Cocco, A Lamperti, O Salicio, M Fanciulli

Chemical vapor deposition growth of Fe 3 O 4 thin films and Fe/Fe 3 O 4 bi-layers for their integration in magnetic tunnel junctions

Thin solid films [Elsevier], Volume: 520 Issue: 14 Pages: 4617-4621

R Mantovan, S Vangelista, B Kutrzeba-Kotowska, S Cocco, A Lamperti, G Tallarida, D Mameli, M Fanciulli

Synthesis of magnetic tunnel junctions with full in situ atomic layer and chemical vapor deposition processes

Thin solid films [Elsevier], Volume: 520 Issue: 14 Pages: 4820-4822

R Mantovan, S Vangelista, S Cocco, A Lamperti, O Salicio

Chemical vapor deposition growth of Fe3O4 thin films and Fe/Fe3O4 bi-layers for their integration in magnetic tunnel junctions

Journal of Applied Physics [AIP], Volume: 111 Issue: 7 Pages: 07B107-07B107-3

E Prati, G Petretto, M Belli, G Mazzeo, S Cocco, M De Michielis, M Fanciulli, F Guagliardo, M Vinet, R Wacquez

Spin blockade in a triple silicon quantum dot in CMOS technology

APS [], Volume: 2012 Pages: P14. 010

Enrico Prati, Matteo Belli, Simone Cocco, Guido Petretto, Marco Fanciulli

Adiabatic charge control in a single donor atom transistor

Applied physics letters [American Institute of Physics], Volume: 98 Issue: 5 Pages: 053109

Roberto Fallica, Jean-Luc Battaglia, Simone Cocco, Cristiano Monguzzi, Andrew Teren, Claudia Wiemer, Enrico Varesi, Raimondo Cecchini, Andrea Gotti, Marco Fanciulli

Thermal and electrical characterization of materials for phase-change memory cells

Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data [American Chemical Society], Volume: 54 Issue: 6 Pages: 1698-1701

R Mantovan, M Georgieva, M Perego, HL Lu, S Cocco, A Zenkevich, G Scarel, M Fanciulli

Atomic layer deposition of magnetic thin films


MARCO Fanciulli, OMAR Costa, SILVIA Baldovino, SIMONE Cocco, GABRIELE Seguini, ENRICO Prati, GIOVANNA Scarel

Defects at the High-k/Semiconductor Inter-faces Investigated by Spin Dependent Spectroscopies

NATO Science Series [], Volume: 220 Pages: 263