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A Perspective on Two-Dimensional Xenes

Buckled two-dimensional Xene sheets

Silicene, germanene and stanene are part of a monoelemental class of two-dimensional (2D) crystals termed 2D-Xenes (X = Si, Ge, Sn and so on) which  may open new reserach frontiers in science at the nanoscale and nanotechnology.  The Perspective proposed by Alessandro Molle (CNR-IMM) et al. on Nature Materials on 16 January 2017 highlights the current state of the art and future opportunities in the manipulation and stability of these materials, their functions and applications, and novel device concepts.


Two new projects to be started soon at the IMM-Agrate Unit

Within the Framework Agreement between Regione Lombardia and CNR, and fo

Discovery of a new near infra-red emission in MoS2

"Novel near-infrared emission from crystal


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