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We study the spin blockade (SB) phenomenon by quantum transport in a triple quantum dot made of two single electron transistors (SET) on a CMOS platform separated by an implanted multiple donor quantum dot [1]. Spin blockade condition [2] has been used in the past to realize single spin localization and manipulation in GaAs quantum dots [3]. Here, we reproduce the same physics in a CMOS preindustrial silicon quantum device. Single electron quantum dots are connected via an implanted quantum dot and exhibit SB in one current direction. We break the spin blockade by applying a magnetic field of few tesla. Our experimental results are explained by a theoretical microscopic scheme supported by simulations in which only some of the possible processes through the triple quantum dot are spin blocked, according to the asymmetry of the coupling capacitances with the control gates and the central dot …
Publication date: 
1 Feb 2012

E Prati, G Petretto, M Belli, G Mazzeo, S Cocco, M De Michielis, M Fanciulli, F Guagliardo, M Vinet, R Wacquez

Biblio References: 
Volume: 1 Pages: 14010
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