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The synthesis of silicene by direct growth on silver is characterized by the formation of multiple phases and domains, posing severe constraints on the spatial charge conduction towards a technological transfer of silicene to electronic transport devices. Here we engineer the silicene/silver interface by two schemes, namely, either through decoration by Sn atoms, forming an Ag2Sn surface alloy, or by buffering the interface with a stanene layer. Whereas in both cases Raman spectra confirm the typical features as expected from silicene, by electron diffraction we observe that a very well-ordered single-phase 4 × 4 monolayer silicene is stabilized by the decorated surface, while the buffered interface exhibits a sharp phase at all silicon coverages. Both interfaces also stabilize the ordered growth of a phase in the multilayer range, featuring a single rotational domain. Theoretical ab initio models are used to investigate …
Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2023

Simona Achilli, Daya Sagar Dhungana, Federico Orlando, Carlo Grazianetti, Christian Martella, Alessandro Molle, Guido Fratesi

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