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Rare-earth silicates are promising materials for future microelectronic devices based on high dielectric constant dielectrics. In this work, we report the investigation of Lu silicate films deposited using atomic layer deposition on Si (100). The films were grown from tris [bis (trimethylsilyl) amido] lutetium—(where), which can supply both Lu and Si. Water or ozone were used as oxygen sources. The films deposited using the latter are shown to be richer in Si. The films are amorphous as grown, have a low physical roughness, an electronic density lower than expected for both crystalline and amorphous stoichiometric Lu silicates, and promote a-rich interfacial layer on Si (100). Crystallization, observed only in films deposited using, has an onset temperature above. Annealing at induces film densification. Signs of crystallization are observed only in the electron diffraction patterns of the annealed film deposited using as …
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Publication date: 
3 Oct 2006

G Scarel, C Wiemer, G Tallarida, S Spiga, G Seguini, E Bonera, M Fanciulli, Y Lebedinskii, A Zenkevich, G Pavia, IL Fedushkin, GK Fukin, GA Domrachev

Biblio References: 
Volume: 153 Issue: 11 Pages: F271
Journal of The Electrochemical Society