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Within the Framework Agreement between Regione Lombardia and CNR, and following the call published last April, two new projects involving research staff at IMM-Agrate have been financed and will start soon:

  • Cyber-sort

The projects, coordinated by CNR-ITIA, aims at expanding demanufacturing lines for electronic waste with the development of new sensors for the effective classification and sorting of electronic parts and coarse particles from electronic waste, to be implemented in the pilot line available at the laboratories of CNR-ITIA in Milan. The contribution of IMM-Agrate Unit is focused on the development of X-Ray Fluoresence based sensors for the classification of chemical elements (metals, rare earths, ...) in electronic components and debris, and in the assessment of Conversion Electron Mossbauer Spectroscopy for the detection and classificiation of Fe-contanining particles. Contact person at IMM-Agrate: Claudia Wiemer


  • I-ZEB

The projetct, coordinated by CNR-ITC, aims at contributing to the development of smart and zero-energy building, for the growth of smart cities. The IMM-Agrate Unit participated to the project with the development of smart materials for energy storage and generation, with particular focus on two-dimensional materials and related devices.  Contact person at IMM-Agrate: Alessandro Molle