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Emanuele Maria Longo, from Università di Milano Bicocca and CNR-IMM Agrate Brianza, was awared the Epivalence prize for the best (one out of 44) short term scientific mission in the framework of the COST Action MP1402 HERALD (Hooking together European Research in Atomic Layer Deposition). The award ceremony took place during the HERALD Summit, in Braga, Portugal, September 25-30, 2018.

Emanuele Maria Longo conducted a research in the field of the atomic layer deposition of a few monolayers of Co on the surface of a topological insulator grown by MOCVD. The collaboration with Professor Charles Winter, Wayne University, Detroit, USA, allowed to assess the growth parameters and to control at the atomic layer the topological insulator / ferromagnet interface. This research paves the way towards novel applications of spin manipulation.

In the picture: Dr. Simon Elliott, COST chair, Emanuele Longo, and Dr. Claudia Wiemer, vice chair.

For more information please contact: roberto.mantovan@mdm.imm.cnr.it, claudia.wiemer@mdm.imm.cnr.it