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The synthesis of new Xenes and their potential applications prototypes have achieved significant milestones so far. However, to date the realization of Xene heterostructures in analogy with the well known van der Waals heterostructures remains an unresolved issue. Here, a Xene heterostructure concept based on the epitaxial combination of silicene and stanene on Ag(111) is introduced, and how one Xene layer enables another Xene layer of a different nature to grow on top is demonstrated. Single‐phase (4 × 4) silicene is synthesized using stanene as a template, and stanene is grown on top of silicene on the other way around. In both heterostructures, in situ and ex situ probes confirm layer‐by‐layer growth without intercalations and intermixing. Modeling via density functional theory shows that the atomic layers in the heterostructures are strongly interacting, and hexagonal symmetry conservation in each …
Publication date: 
19 May 2021

Daya Sagar Dhungana, Carlo Grazianetti, Christian Martella, Simona Achilli, Guido Fratesi, Alessandro Molle

Biblio References: 
Pages: 2102797
Advanced Functional Materials