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Ferromagnetism of La{sub 0.67}Sr{sub 0.33}MnO{sub 3} is extremely sensitive to external perturbations like substrate-induced strain, charge injection and chemical interactions with neighbour layers. In this paper we discuss the perturbation induced by the presence of a metallic overlayer, typically deposited for electric contacts, in the prototypical case of the Au/La{sub 0.67}Sr{sub 0.33}MnO{sub 3} interface. In particular we found a sizable decrease of the Curie temperature in thin films of La{sub 0.67}Sr{sub 0.33}MnO{sub 3} after gold capping: 65 K for 5 nm thickness of the manganite. Apart from chemical reactions at the interface, charge injection-depletion induced by the difference in the work function between Au and La{sub 0.67}Sr{sub 0.33}MnO{sub 3} could partially explain this phenomenon.
Publication date: 
25 Nov 2007

S Brivio, M Cantoni, D Petti, A Cattoni, R Bertacco, M Finazzi, F Ciccacci, A Sidorenko, G Allodi, M Ghidini, R De Renzi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 144
Materials Science and Engineering. B, Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology