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The identification of mineralogical phases in drill cores is one of the most challenging tasks in the mining activity in view of an efficient metal extraction. This process requires the analytical characterization of large volumes of material to obtain a complete set of data in a minimum of time. None of the commonly used methods in mineralogical analyses, such as IR‐based techniques, X‐rays fluorescence, and hyperspectral imaging, is capable to provide a fully satisfactory response for several reasons, the main one being the complexity of the ores. Moreover, the characterization is often conducted in remote laboratories and only on selected samples to limit the time waste. A possible alternative solution requires a multianalytical approach exploiting on‐field techniques. This strategy is currently being developed within SOLSA, a joint EU H2020 project, and consists of an automatic expert system coupling sonic drilling …
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Publication date: 
25 Apr 2018

Maria Secchi, Marco Zanatta, Evgeny Borovin, Mauro Bortolotti, Arun Kumar, Marco Giarola, Andrea Sanson, Beate Orberger, Nicola Daldosso, Stefano Gialanella, Gino Mariotto, Maurizio Montagna, Luca Lutterotti

Biblio References: 
Volume: 49 Pages: 1023-1030
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy