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We study theoretically the phonon-induced relaxation and decoherence processes in the hybrid qubit in silicon. A hybrid qubit behaves as a charge qubit when the detuning is close to zero and as a spin qubit for large detuning values. It is realized starting from an electrostatically defined double quantum dot where three electrons are confined and manipulated through only electrical tuning. By employing a three-level effective model for the qubit and describing the environment bath as a series of harmonic oscillators in the thermal equilibrium states, we extract the relaxation and decoherence times as a function of the bath spectral density and of the bath temperature using the Bloch-Redfield theory. For Si quantum dots the energy dispersion is strongly affected by the physics of the valley, ie, the conduction band minima, so we also included the contribution of the valley excitations in our analysis. Our results offer …
Publication date: 
19 Jul 2019
Biblio References: 
Volume: 100 Pages: 035310
Physical Review B