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In order to determine the local structure of Mn in δ-doped GaAs layers we have carried out an x-ray absorption spectroscopy experiment at the Mn-K edge in samples grown by molecular beam epitaxy with and without Be co-doping. Mn-Mn atomic correlations have not been found within∼ 5 Å radius, ruling out the presence of metallic clusters or local Mn enrichment. In samples deposited at 300 C, Mn substitutionally occupies the Ga site with a local expansion (≈ 2%) of the first-neighbor distance with respect to GaAs; the second neighbors remain at a distance very close to that of the host lattice, indicating that the structural perturbation induced by Mn is very localized. Ab initio simulation of the x-ray absorption near edge structure spectra confirmed that Mn enters the Ga, rather than the As, site. Samples grown at 450 C exhibit a reduction of the first shell coordination number, suggesting the initial phases of MnAs …
American Physical Society
Publication date: 
13 Jan 2006

F d’Acapito, G Smolentsev, F Boscherini, M Piccin, G Bais, S Rubini, F Martelli, Alfonso Franciosi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 73 Issue: 3 Pages: 035314
Physical Review B