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A systematic study of the deposition parameters for the metal–organic chemical vapour deposition growth of In–Sb–Te (IST), of interest for phase change memory applications, was performed. Samples were grown on Si/SiO2 and patterned substrates in the (220 ÷ 350) °C temperature range and working pressure from 35 to 100 × 102 Pa, which resulted in the formation of thin films (down to 30 nm) or IST crystals. The chemical composition of the IST films was mainly dependent on the deposition temperature. We have demonstrated the possibility to obtain a conformal and smooth morphology with improved surface roughness for films grown at 260 °C when the substrate surface is treated with the TrisDimethylaMinoAntimony ([N(CH3)2]3Sb) precursor. The IST-based chalcogenide films exhibited different crystalline and partially amorphous phases, which may be favourable for multilevel data storage. The IST growth …
Publication date: 
30 Apr 2013

T Stoycheva, M Longo, R Fallica, F Volpe, C Wiemer

Biblio References: 
Volume: 533 Pages: 66-69
Thin solid films