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Isolated 57Fe atoms were studied in MgO single-crystals by emission Mössbauer spectroscopy following implantation of 57Mn decaying to 57Fe. Four Mössbauer spectral components were found corresponding to different Fe lattice positions and/or charge states. Two components represent Fe atoms substituting Mg as Fe2+ and Fe3+, respectively; a third component is due to Fe in a strongly implantation-induced disturbed region. The fourth component, which is the focus of this paper, can be assigned to Fe at an interstitial site. Comparison of its measured isomer shift with ab initio calculations suggests that the interstitial Fe is located on, or close to, the face of the rock-salt MgO structure. To harmonize such an assignment with the measured near-zero quadrupole interaction a local motion process (cage motion) of the Fe has to be stipulated. The relation of such a local motion as a starting point for long range …
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
14 Jan 2014

Torben Esmann Mølholt, R Mantovan, HP Gunnlaugsson, A Svane, Hilary Masenda, D Naidoo, Krish Bharuth-Ram, M Fanciulli, HP Gislason, K Johnston, Guido Langouche, S Olafsson, R Sielemann, G Weyer, ISOLDE collaboration

Biblio References: 
Volume: 115 Issue: 2 Pages: 023508
Journal of Applied Physics