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We report a combined experimental and theoretical study of the optical response of epitaxial silicene on silver. The silicene/Ag (111) ultraviolet-visible absorption spectra, which turn out to be strongly nonadditive, are analyzed in the framework of ab initio calculations. Electronic transitions involving silver states are found to provide huge contributions to the optical absorption of silicene, compatible with a strong Si-Ag hybridization. The results are independent of the specific silicene configuration and are also worked out for thin amorphous silicon. This points to a dimensionality-driven peculiar dielectric response of the two-dimensional-silicon/silver interface, which is confirmed by means of transient-reflectance spectroscopy. The latter shows a metalliclike relaxation time, hence demonstrating the effects of the strong hybridization arising in silicene/Ag (111) systems on charge carriers dynamical properties.
American Physical Society
Publication date: 
22 Oct 2015

Eugenio Cinquanta, Guido Fratesi, Stefano Dal Conte, Carlo Grazianetti, Francesco Scotognella, Salvatore Stagira, Caterina Vozzi, Giovanni Onida, Alessandro Molle

Biblio References: 
Volume: 92 Issue: 16 Pages: 165427
Physical Review B