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Long-channel effective mobilities as well as transfer characteristics of a 32 nm single-gate SOI and a 16 nm double-gate (DG) MOSFET have been simulated with live different Monte Carlo (MC) device simulators. The differences are mostly rather small for the SOI-FET with quantum effects having a minor effect on threshold voltage due to the lowly doped channel, while the two multi-subband MC simulators show some prominent deviations in the case of the DG-FET. High-K mobility degradation by remote phonon scattering (RPS) in free carrier MC approximation leads to smaller performance degradation compared to multi-subband MC with remote Coulomb scattering (RCS) and RPS, but requires further investigations.
Publication date: 
26 Oct 2010

FM Bufler, V Aubry-Fortuna, A Bournel, M Braccioli, P Dollfus, David Esseni, C Fiegna, F Gamiz, Marco De Michielis, Pierpaolo Palestri, J Saint-Martin, C Sampedro, E Sangiorgi, Luca Selmi, Paolo Toniutti

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Pages: 1-4
2010 14th International Workshop on Computational Electronics