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We report on a universal set of quantum logic gates for hybrid qubits. In a hybrid qubit the information is encoded in the spin state of three electrons elettrostatically confined in a silicon double quantum dot (QD), in (2, 1) filling. All electrical operations, reduced fabrication complexity and high scalability are the strengths of this technology. Schrieffer-Wolff effective models for both one and two coupled hybrid qubit are developed including the inescapable exchange interaction between electrons in the same QD. Optimal sequences of exchange interactions creating a complete set of quantum operations, namely Hadamard, π/8 and CNOT gates, are obtained by using a search algorithm, based on simplex and genetic ones. Silicon devices have been designed by SDFT-based program and efforts in its fabrication have produced in-plane inter-QDs distances down to 100 nm by means of electron beam lithography …
Publication date: 
1 Mar 2014

Marco De Michielis, Elena Ferraro, Davide Rotta, Giovanni Mazzeo, Marco Tagliaferri, Alessandro Crippa, Marco Fanciulli, Enrico Prati

Biblio References: 
Volume: 2014 Pages: J36. 010
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